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It is Worth to Buy Aphrodisiac?


Many couples these days buy aphrodisiac as a way to stimulate their sexual desire and bring more pleasure on the bed. The aphrodisiacs work 2 ways. One is by creating that sexual design by operating on the mind, while the other is creating the desire by operating on the parts of the body. Take for example with an aphrodisiac that increases the blood flow into the sex organs - it may stimulate the feelings of getting into a sexual intercourse and create an effect of that particular desire.


There are even things that make the bodies produce way more chemicals that are responsible for triggering that sexual desire. There are also others that can allow the desire of having sex, like the ones that lowers the mind’s inhibitions such as marijuana and alcohol. There are even times that just by thinking that what you are consuming or inhaling is an aphrodisiac, it can already trigger the desire to engage in sexual pleasure.


There are also items that are said to quell such desires, and they are referred to as aphrodisiacs. 


Various researches show that their findings in some herbs, foods and supplements do trigger the production of other chemicals or hormones that affect the body’s libido. What the research did not really emphasize is that the chemicals are produced in a high quantity more than enough for the human body to really take notice of the different.


There is not much research done in this subject area, probably because the libido itself is a challenging topic to study. Despite the lack of studies conducted on the behaviour of the libido, a lot of couple still buy aphrodisiac because they believe it will put more stimulus in their body to create the sexual desire.


According to FDA, there are no scientific facts or basis about the aphrodisiacs and they are just myth. This may be true at a scientific standpoint, many people still buy aphrodisiac that are believed to be in certain minerals, herbs and certain foods. 

Aphrodisiac properties in food         


From here, you will discover a list of foods that are reported to have aphrodisiac properties. Some of them are said to be as such simply because of the shape they have similar to the human genitalia. Others because of the aroma while the others claim in regards about the chemical basis of the love powers it possesses. This is not a complete list and there is no research available to back up these claims. 


Also referred to as anise, ancient Romans and Greeks believed that they can increase their sexual desire by sucking on these anise seeds. There are estrogenic compounds in the seeds, which are reported to induce the same effects like that of the testosterone.



Aside from the phallic form that banana possess, the banana flower also has the same form, too. Bananas are rich in vitamin B and potassium, which are 2 components needed to produce the hormones responsible for stimulating sex. 





The tree of the avocado was once referred by the Aztecs as the testicle tree because the Avocado fruit hangs from the branches in pairs, which resembles the testicles. The aphrodisiac component of this fruit is based on its shape and appearance.


Sweet Basil

For many centuries, people have claimed that basil stimulates the sexual drive and even boosts up fertility and producing the well being of a person, in a general sense. The scent itself was claimed to have driven the men wild to a point that women would even dust their breasts with powdered basil - leaves that were already dried out from the sun. Basil is one of the aphrodisiacs reported to promote circulation. 


Chocolate has always been associated with romance and love. Chocolate was originally found in the rain frests in South America. Mayan civilizations worshipped the food of the gods they refer to, which is the Cacao tree. There are even rumours that the ruler of the Aztecs, Montezuma, drank about 50 chocolate goblets daily just for the purpose of enhancing is sexual abilities.


There are several researches regarding chocolate and the common findings is that it contains serotonin and phenylethylamine, which are two chemicals that brings the good feeling to the body. They naturally occur in the bodies and then released by the brains whenever the body feels happy, passionate or loving. It produces this kind of euphoric feeling, like the one you feel when you are in love.


It is because of this that many people buy aphrodisiac just to encounter that great feeling when they are with someone, which is not only about getting into sex. 

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